Beauty and The Beast Review

I went to see the new Beauty and The Beast this evening with one of my friends as we both like Disney. I greatly enjoyed the film as they linked it to the original which was made in 1991. Adding to the similarity’s in the film itself, both films were released on March 17th. The video below is a comparison of both of the trailers and portraying how they are almost identical.

The film has reenacted almost the entire original make of Beauty and The Beast with the similar story line, costumes, set designs. There are a few differences including how Belle and her father Maurice escaped from being held captive after Gascon declared them both ‘insane’ and got them locked in the carriage to be taken away. Furthermore, Gascons secondhand man turns against him at the end when they have a ‘disagreement’ on how he treated Maurice and Belle.

Multiple low angles were used to portray characters such as Gaston and the Beast look powerful and dominant over the other characters. However high angles were used to portray Belle and other characters to look inferior and weak in position to their surroundings and other characters. The lighting changes throughout depending on the scene as it sets the atmosphere to be dark and eerie or a bright and cheerful. It followed the Tzvetan Todorov theory of narrative, just like a typical Disney film.

Group evaluation update

On Wednesday 15th March, most of my group got together and finished the sequence. Josie, Tash and I worked together to complete our sequence, Klein however didn’t show up as he was ill the whole day.

Luckily, we all agreed on it and have now come to an agreed decision for our final sequence. We have all therefore, made up and are happy with everything.

Group evaluation

As a group towards the end we became divided as we all had different opinions on the end sequence therefore, Me and Josie (editor) made our own edit and Tash (DOP) and Klein (Producer) made theirs. We both showed them to the class and Miss, with got good feedback and we have been asked to work together and create one edit merging them both together.

As a whole we have all done work for the edit but in different ways and not all together, which is where we have been failing as working together is a vital importance to this task and is needed to get a good end to show to the class and all be happy with.

On Wednesday 15th of March, my group and Miss Pigott are going to sit down for half an hour and work out a way for all of us to agree on one edit by combining the two and making one really good title sequence. In my opinion, we should use Josie’s edit with Klein’s credits and voice over as they are better and fit more with a thriller film, but at the end of the day Josie is the editor so that one should be the base and we can use Klein’s effects on top to make it better.

Even though we have split, I really hope by the end we are working together and get on better and the end result is better then the two edits alone.

Forth Main Task

After the improvements our teacher gave us. Josie (editor) and I went away and got everything done with the help of Tash writing the new script for the voice over. We had three scripts over all for the process of our sequence, but we came to the conclusion after reviews from our screening, that Tash’s script was preferred.

World Book Day

Each tutor had to decorate their door for World Book Day, and being sixth formers we had to put in the extra effort. In my tutor we all had a discussion of what the door should be. In the end after some persuading of a few classmates we came to the agreement of Beauty And The Beast. My tutor, a few of my friends and myself decorated the door just the five of us. I drew the letters, painted them and the background with a little help from my mates and Mr Mathieson cut out the frame and vase for the rose.

Third Main Task

This draft is the first one with the voice over. However, due to the script and not having the correct person to record it, we changed it to our actresses voice and a script our DOP created. For this draft, we only had a rough voice over to see the response we would get from our audience to if they like it or would prefer without.

Filming Update

We recently did a second film shoot due to the bad lighting and not a very good understanding (from the class) of what our idea is and how it ends. Once again the location was Tash’s house, however we changed the actor to Lauren as our audience research shows us that they would prefer a women. Also we decided to shoot during the day using abnormal amount of white light from the ceiling bulb and the light from outside the window created by natural lighting from the sun. This immediately improved out filming as the shots aren’t grainy at all which was out main issue with the last shoot.

As a group we decided to add a couple more shots of a figure standing underneath the street lamp outside our location. This provides some understand to the rest of our sequence as it makes the feet under the door understandable and not being assumed as the women inside the room.

Group Update

Over all my group have worked very well together apart from a few misunderstandings of what jobs we have had to do, we all still did something to go towards the ending and we all pulled our weight. I think at sometimes we didn’t all agree but we managed to negotiate and compromise our opinions so we all agreed on the final outcome. If we did this section of our course again I wouldn’t want a different group because we really did work well together with respect for one another and all getting on with what we had to do to keep up to date.