Group evaluation

As a group towards the end we became divided as we all had different opinions on the end sequence therefore, Me and Josie (editor) made our own edit and Tash (DOP) and Klein (Producer) made theirs. We showed them to the class and got good feedback and we have decided to work together and create one edit merging them both together.

As a whole we have all done work for the edit but in different ways and not all together, which is where we have been failing as working together is a vital importance to this task and is needed to get a good end to show to the class and all be happy with.

On Wednesday 15th of March, my group is going to sit down for half an hour and work out a way for all of us to agree on one edit by combining the two and making one really good title sequence. In my opinion, we should use Josie’s edit with Klein’s credits and voice over as they are better and fit more with a thriller film, but at the end of the day Josie is the editor so that one should be the base and we can use Klein’s effects on top to make it better.

Even though we have split, I really hope by the end we are working together and get on better and the end result is better then the two edits alone.


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