So what is it?

Typography is a noun meaning “the style and appearance of printed matter”

This can be the arranging of written language like the font, point size, line length, spacing between lines, letter spacing and the space between words.

Type Face

Also known as a font family- Set of one or more fonts composed of glyphs (a hieroglyphic character or symbol) that share common design features. Each font in typeface have specific styles, width, italicisation etc.

Sans Serif and Serif

These are two types of structural details on fonts. Serif’s have little detailed flourishes on the ends of the letters where as Sans Serif’s do not. The letter ‘F’ with the details, is a serif font and the ‘F’ with no detail is Sans Serif font.




Update on filming

After having a discussion on our group chat about when we filmed we finally decided on filming on Sunday. This is a screenshot of our discussion on when people are free and able film. After talking to Luke and Lauren we have decided on the time 6:30pm at our location, Tash’s house on Sunday 29th January.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 10.35.19.png

Evaluation of my group…so far


I am the director in my group with Klein being producer, Josie as the editor and Tash is the DOP. We changed our roles a little when we finished our continuity task as Klein didn’t want to be the editor so him and Josie swapped roles. Everyone was happy with this so the other roles stayed the same.

We all had our set jobs:

  • I was doing the script
  • Josie was doing the shot list
  • Klein was doing the story board
  • Tash was doing locations and actors

I stuck to doing the script and Tash stuck with the location as that is all sorted and we have our actors. Josie made a shot list that we all looked over and had a discussion about it where Tash wanted to add in some shots of the silhouette which we didn’t all agree on. However, we’re open for trying it out meaning we can cut it if we want. Klein helped with finishing the shot list and proof reading the script as I wanted a second opinion, he also looked into the actors checking it was okay an making sure they were around for it. Tash also did the storyboard where we all looked over it and changed it around a bit to what we want it to be.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 15.12.33.png

Overall, we may not have all stuck to the job roles we got, but we did all pull our weight in belong each other with everything so we came to a conclusion everyone agreed on.

Practice of lighting

The other day we went out in class to practise different types of shots with lighting and CU and ECU. We used the static lamps and tried with iPhone torches to try put different types of shots. This was also to test shadows on the picture. From the first photo we went on to edit it by making the screen 75% and adding a yellow colour grade at a strength of 25% as this is what we are planning on doing when we film.



For the close ups the reduction of the screen I feel is important as the eyes are a vital shot in the opening credits for us. We used Klein when testing to see what the two different types of shots would look like and came to the conclusion (with help from the targeted audience) to add black bars at the top and bottom of the shot. screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-09-56-31

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 09.56.45.png

The final test we tried out was silhouettes as one of our shots needs a silhouette effect on the actor. Once again we added the reduction to meet our audiences requests and tried different lighting to get the right silhouette, not showing too much of the face but just the out line of Klein’s face features.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 09.56.52.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 09.57.02.png

Main Task Planning- Step 2

So far my group have created a shot list with everything we are going to include. This means all the credits we are going to put in on the black screen intervals of the different camera shots. At this moment in time we haven’t created a storyboard but that is the next step in our planning. We also have a script for our voice over in the sequence (as that is what we have decided to go with for dialogue). This isn’t completely finished as we are going to explore ways to add suspense to the speech.

Location has been decided to be at Tash’s house as it is set up the way we need it for camera angles. Furthermore, we do have a couple of actors in mind for the roles visible in the sequence. This is Luke Moloney and Lauren GB.

Target Audience

In addition, there are a few responses to our survey of who our target audience would be and what they would like in a thriller film. Luckily the target audience is what we expected as they have the responses we were hoping for with very specific techniques used in thriller movies.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 10.52.31.png

script.pngshot list.png

Audience Research

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 15.35.00.png

Age was an important question to ask as we wanted to find out who our target audience would be and what film would be suited to them.








Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 15.35.11

The next question was to help with our casting. As the majority of the people who responded said they ‘didn’t mind’ it makes it easier to find an actor who is willing be our protagonist.








Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 15.35.25The next question was to find out what type of audio we should use. We discussed different ideas but we wanted to know how our audience would feel.











Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 15.35.35The lighting was already decided however, to make sure that the audience would also prefer dark lighting, we asked this question so that they could decide if dark lighting would suit a thriller opening.









Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 15.35.47We originally planned to have a voice over and possibly some music. Therefore, if we did decide to add music, we needed to find out what type of music would best suit.










Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 15.35.57

This was important when deciding how the music would sound as the music out of sync could create more tension. Our audience needed to feel like everything was correct.











Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 15.36.13

As a convention of thriller is the use of shadows, we wanted to know if our audience would find them effective. Most of our responses said that they were effective when creating an intense atmosphere.









Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 15.36.21

There are many types of thriller genre so we wanted to find out which one the audience would most like to see. The majority though a psychological thriller sounded most appealing which is good because that is the route we want to go down.

Evaluation of Textual Analysis & Film Reviews

Our task was to watch and write 20 film reviews and textual analysis’ and to explore the common conventions and characteristics of the the thriller genre and this is what I found out.


From this task I have found out that many different techniques used by the camera can be implied as hidden  meanings and in this sense tricking the audience making them believe one thing without looking at it closely and seeing something different.


The editing in thrillers are generally very similar being short and sharp for tension and suspense. I have recognised this while viewing the films in a different way then the audience who just watch it as a movie and only seeing whats in front of them.


Mise-En-Scene, like editing tends to be similar throughout all thrillers with dark and eery effects. Also including dull clothing and locations. There is generally A-typical characters as well as stereotypical. Always being the A-typical ones live and the stereotypical die.


The sound used in thrillers is quite high pitched implying screaming which can implicate fear. This therefore can foreshadow any future events in the film.

What I found out

After watching all the films I realised the main key to thriller movies is all about building suspense. This generally is achieved through low-key lighting, music and the unknown of who the suspect is and what is going to happen. This is the main effect that entices the audience and makes the want to see what happens next.

This can also apply to opening title sequences, but the music is the main technique that allows the audience to know it’s a thriller movie they are going to be watching.

The Guest- Review 10


The Guest is a 2014 American action horror-thriller film directed and edited by Adam Wingard and written by Simon Barrett. The film stars Dan Stevens, Maika Monroe, Leland Orser, Sheila Kelley, Brendan Meyer, and Lance Reddick. Wingard and Barrett worked together for their previous film You’re Next (2011), which I have also reviewed. Spencer and Laura Peterson with their children Luke and Anna are coping with the loss of their eldest son, Caleb, to the war in Afghanistan. They are visited by David Collins, who claims to be a former soldier and Caleb’s best friend. He says to the family why he is visiting which is to help Caleb take care of the family. David is polite, warm and friendly toward the family, and Laura offers to let him stay as long as he needs to.


There are many high angles on the family at the beginning as David is just a friend of Caleb, but as the film goes on David is portrayed by high angles as the power and authority switches. The child Luke remain being less authoritative until the very end when he stabs David. Anna however was viewed at a similar level to David as she had authority throughout. This goes against traditional stereo-types as she is a teenage girl who has more power and importance thank her parents and David until he turns dangerous. She is then implied to be a stereotypical  girl as her younger brother saves her live before David takes it.


A lot of screen time is given to David as he is the main character in the film. A close second was Anna as she is also an important character to the film. Duration of shots varied depending on what was happening. There were tracking shots used on ‘the chase’ scenes at the end of the film when special agents tried to take down David. Pans were used for establishing shots and zoom was occasionally used when the audiences attention had one sole focus.

Mise En Scene

The film was set in a typical Western American town being small and not much in it but a cafe and a school. David wears grubby t-shirts and trousers implying he doesn’t own much. Anna is a typical teenage girl wearing dark colours, make up always done and listening to music 24/7. Luke however isn’t the typical male teenager. He is more of a geek who gets picked on by the ‘cool kids’ at his school and doesn’t know how to stand up for himself, until David helped. The parents are also typical with the dad being a middle class worker and the mum being a house mum.


Non-diagetic speech and diabetic speech both occur in the film engaging with the screen time division. Also music and ambiance are provided occasionally in more tense situations including the final 20 minutes of the film with David, Anna and Luke in the school. I feel the sound they used was very effective for the scenes they are present in.


My Opinion

This film was suggested to me by one of my classmates. I liked it very much as it kept me on edge and created a tense feel towards me as the audience with the different techniques they included and music.

Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock, who is he?

sir-hitchcockSir Alfred Hitchcock was an English film director during the 19 hundreds. He was born in 1899 and died at the age of 80 in the year of 1980. His father died when he was only 13 years old. He has created many brilliant films in his time including Psycho and Vertigo. All of his films are rated 80% out of 100 apart from only a few with 8 films being rated 100%.


“Master of Suspence”

Hitchcock was known for his passion in thriller movies. Alfred Hitchcock is called the Master of Suspense because he used lighting, music and camera angles to build suspense in movies in ways that were not done prior to him.

“Hitchcock’s strength as a film-maker was that he was able to visualise his subconscious fears and desires and turn them into waking nightmares on the silver screen. Many viewers share his subconscious fears and desires, which is why he will remain in the public consciousness for many years to come.” –Paul Duncan: The Complete Films

The films he directed

Hitchcock directed many films including Vertigo, Psycho, Dial M for murder and North by Northwest. More of his films are present on this website.

His history

He invented many elements of the suspense and psychological thriller genres. He had a successful career in British cinema with both silent films and early talkies and became renowned as England’s best director. Hitchcock moved to Hollywood in 1939, and became a US citizen in 1955. Hitchcock became a highly visible public figure through interviews, movie trailers, cameo appearances in his own films, and the ten years in which he hosted the television program Alfred Hitchcock Presents. In 1978, film critic John Russell Taylor described Hitchcock as “the most universally recognizable person in the world”, and “a straightforward middle-class Englishman who just happened to be an artistic genius”.

What is his most iconic film?

Psycho, is the top ranked film of Hitchcock’s. This psychological thriller is the tale of a woman on the lam (Janet Leigh) who checks into the Bates Motel. The property appears to be deserted, except for the owners Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) and his mother. Psycho gave audiences a whole new perspective on taking showers and became Hitchcock’s biggest hit.

Timeless classic. Superb performances and the infamous shower scene make this the perfect nightmare.  –David Parkinson works in Empire

My opinion on his work

I love Alfred Hitchcock’s work, I think his insight to thriller movies is amazing and he is brilliant at capturing real life fears and putting them into films.

You’re Next- Review 9


You’re Next is about a family who have recently moved into a new house and a group of ‘animals’. The animals are people with masks on who, the audience find out later are hired by Felix and Crispian two of the sons of Aubrey and Paul. The family dinner is interrupted by one of the animals outside who shoots Tariq with a cross bow. However, this is only the beginning of a bloody night. As the movie goes on the family try to figure out what their best options are to enter run and try and get to someone t o help or stay inside. Seen as there is someone in the house to seems a bad decision to stay in the house but with three others outside they don’t have much luck if they try to escape. Erin, who is Crispian’s girlfriend copes with the situation better then expected by himself Felix and Felix’s girlfriend Zee as she manages to kill all the ‘animals’ and them in the end once she finds out what they have done and that they are the ones who hired the killers to slaughter their entire family.


This film uses a lot of techniques as so much happens in the film at such a fast pace. ECU, CU, MS, LS are used for establishing whats going on and the actions taking place in the scene. The director decided in tracking for when people tried to run as it added tension for the audience being on edge to see if they make it or die. Zooming in and out is used for when something unexpected/expected happens. For example when Tariq walked up to the window when he saw something the camera zoomed in to see what he could see. This is also a technique called point of view shot which is also regularly used in the film.

The pace of the different shots were different depending on what was going on in the set at that time. for example when the camera was flashing as the man walked up to it, the shots were fast and frantic creating a tense feel within the audience. This was consistent throughout the film as the audience never truly knew what was going to happen and who would live. When I watched it I felt tension throughout the whole film as each second I would never know what was going to happen and if something was going to come out from the side or if one of the animals would shoot someone.

My Opinion on the film

I wasn’t very keen on the film as I as the audience didn’t really understand the whole reasoning behind why Felix and Crispian wanted their family dead apart from the fact that they wanted all the money. Apart from the storyline I thought the film was well edited, scripted and directed for a thriller film. I wouldn’t watch it again however as I wouldn’t get the same tense feeling as I already know whats going to happen, but for watching it once, it is a good movie.