Beauty and The Beast Review

I went to see the new Beauty and The Beast this evening with one of my friends as we both like Disney. I greatly enjoyed the film as they linked it to the original which was made in 1991. Adding to the similarity’s in the film itself, both films were released on March 17th. The video below is a comparison of both of the trailers and portraying how they are almost identical.

The film has reenacted almost the entire original make of Beauty and The Beast with the similar story line, costumes, set designs. There are a few differences including how Belle and her father Maurice escaped from being held captive after Gascon declared them both ‘insane’ and got them locked in the carriage to be taken away. Furthermore, Gascons secondhand man turns against him at the end when they have a ‘disagreement’ on how he treated Maurice and Belle.

Multiple low angles were used to portray characters such as Gaston and the Beast look powerful and dominant over the other characters. However high angles were used to portray Belle and other characters to look inferior and weak in position to their surroundings and other characters. The lighting changes throughout depending on the scene as it sets the atmosphere to be dark and eerie or a bright and cheerful. It followed the Tzvetan Todorov theory of narrative, just like a typical Disney film.


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