World Book Day

Each tutor had to decorate their door for World Book Day, and being sixth formers we had to put in the extra effort. In my tutor we all had a discussion of what the door should be. In the end after some persuading of a few classmates we came to the agreement of Beauty And The Beast. My tutor, a few of my friends and myself decorated the door just the five of us. I drew the letters, painted them and the background with a little help from my mates and Mr Mathieson cut out the frame and vase for the rose.


Third Main Task

This draft is the first one with the voice over. However, due to the script and not having the correct person to record it, we changed it to our actresses voice and a script our DOP created. For this draft, we only had a rough voice over to see the response we would get from our audience to if they like it or would prefer without.

Filming Update

We recently did a second film shoot due to the bad lighting and not a very good understanding (from the class) of what our idea is and how it ends. Once again the location was Tash’s house, however we changed the actor to Lauren as our audience research shows us that they would prefer a women. Also we decided to shoot during the day using abnormal amount of white light from the ceiling bulb and the light from outside the window created by natural lighting from the sun. This immediately improved our filming as the shots aren’t grainy at all which was out main issue with the last shoot.

As a group we decided to add a couple more shots of a figure standing underneath the street lamp outside our location. This provides some understand to the rest of our sequence as it makes the feet under the door understandable and not being assumed as the women inside the room.

Group Update

Over all my group have worked very well together apart from a few misunderstandings of what jobs we have had to do, we all still did something to go towards the ending and we all pulled our weight. I think at sometimes we didn’t all agree but we managed to negotiate and compromise our opinions so we all agreed on the final outcome. If we did this section of our course again I wouldn’t want a different group because we really did work well together with respect for one another and all getting on with what we had to do to keep up to date.

Second Main Task

Josie worked on the second edit and got it much better compared to our first. When we finished we all looked back upon our video and with the help of an adult we got some feedback on it which included:

  • Reshooting the zoom in of the figure outside or edit it to look less shaky
  • Adding a voice over as it is missing ‘something’
  • Use a different white noise
  • Shoot someone writing a letter to make the clip longer
  • Make the ‘HUNTED’ title fade in

Further Audience Feedback and improvements

After presenting our draft to the class we created a survey for them all to fill out and here are our results. When we film again, we will make sure to meet these demands and criticism to get the best grade possible. As you can see, our class answered the survey and there are some clear preferences on the response of the sequence and improvements.

I asked Miss Pigott to assess the draft to see what level we were working at. We achieved a level 2 for our draft which is okay its not the best but I think the sequence deserved it as it did have a few flaws we need to improve, but when we finish it I wish to achieve a level 3.



So what is it?

Typography is a noun meaning “the style and appearance of printed matter”

This can be the arranging of written language like the font, point size, line length, spacing between lines, letter spacing and the space between words.

Type Face

Also known as a font family- Set of one or more fonts composed of glyphs (a hieroglyphic character or symbol) that share common design features. Each font in typeface have specific styles, width, italicisation etc.

Sans Serif and Serif

These are two types of structural details on fonts. Serif’s have little detailed flourishes on the ends of the letters where as Sans Serif’s do not. The letter ‘F’ with the details, is a serif font and the ‘F’ with no detail is Sans Serif font.